I'm not much with writing; which is probably why I love making pictures. But an "about" page is expected. So here it goes...

I am a wedding photographer living in the western suburbs of Chicago with my rather large family and our Siberian Husky, Juno. 

You’re not going to read about any degrees, awards, badges or how long I've been a photographer because what really matters is you love the work you see here and want something like it for yourself.

Using a documentary style and approach my aim is to capture the genuine moments of your wedding as they naturally occur. For the majority of the day, I stay very hands off, focusing 100% on the story. You won’t find me asking your friends to stage or recreate moments, but you will find me ready to capture those moments before they even happen.

During portraits, it’s a little different. I give plenty of direction, working to bring creative ideas to make images that are unique as the people in them. Though I do direct during portraits my intentions are to capture those candid moments in between the poses to give you honest, natural photos.

I can tell you all about my style and approach. However, the best way to get a feel for my work is take a look around my website, view the portfolio, check out some recent work and lastly read a few testimonials to hear what past couples have to say about working with me. My style isn't for everyone, but for those that feel it is I hope to talk to you soon.



The work I care about is terribly simple. I observe, I try to entertain, but above all, I want pictures that are emotional.
— Elliot Erwitt