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Thomas J. Doggett

Photographer • Chicago, Illinois

I am a photographer based in the western suburbs of Chicago specializing in that crazy day we call a wedding. My style and approach is best described as truly documentary. As a wedding photographer I’m there to document the genuine moments of your day as they naturally occur. I stay very hands off, focusing 100% on the story. You won’t find me asking your friends to fake or recreate moments, but you will find me ready to capture those real moments before they even happen.

I typically start the day off with a soft approach but end the party hard with a lot gritty, in your face photographs. If something crazy is happening I'll be sure to get a shot of it. If your reception is a low key or dry event; then I'm probably not your guy.  

While I do shoot in color also, I mostly showcase my black and white work as my direction and vision come through strongest in these shots. Of course, weddings are about more than just what color the final photographs are or even the individual moments; take a look at a few of the recent weddings in my "Featured" section to get a feel for my work and how I capture and tell the story. My style isn’t for everybody, but for those that feel it is I hope to talk to you soon.

There’s nothing worse than being at a wedding and having a photographer running around like a loon barking orders, bossing people around, generally getting in the way and being a bit of a nuisance - unless you like that sort of thing.
— Paul Jarrett