Experience Matters

Thomas Doggett brings over thirty years of varied and unique experience behind the camera to every wedding and session.


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Chicago area Wedding Photography at its best. Thomas Doggett will document your day one moment at a time, telling your story in a visually perfect way for you to enjoy for generations to come.

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Engagement pictures should be so much more than just a casual encounter. Your engagement session should document a part of your life in a way that complements the beauty of your wedding day.

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It's all about you! Think high-fashion meets glamour. No one wants those cheesy school pictures. You want something that screams individuality. Something you can be proud to show off to your friends.

Chicago Area Wedding Photography


Getting married in the greater Chicago area and looking for a wedding photographer? Well, look no more. With over ten years experience documenting weddings, Thomas has the technical skills and creative vision to get you the photos you need.

Using a fine art style and approach, Thomas aims to document the genuine moments of your wedding as they naturally occur. For the majority of the day he stays very hands off, focusing 100% on the story. You won’t find him asking your friends to stage or recreate moments, but you will find him ready to capture those moments before they even happen.

During portraits, it’s a little different. He gives plenty of direction, working to bring creative ideas to make images that are unique as the people in them. Though Thomas does direct during portraits his intentions are to capture those candid moments in between the poses to give you honest, natural photos.

Thomas has been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the nicest couples and shoot in many of Chicagoland's most popular venues. He has shot weddings that have as few as a dozen guests to well over 500. However, no matter the location or size of the wedding - it's always been the story that resonates with him! 

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Engagement Pictures Matter


We have heard it all. I have a "friend." We are sure you do. I mean, we all have friends don't we? If they were really a friend they would encourage you not to jack around having them photograph your engagement session. Why? Because this is the perfect time to get comfortable and in sync with your wedding photographer. You know, the actual person who will be there on your wedding day and has to learn all your crazy ticks. :)

Here is why engagement pictures should be important to you. First, allows you to learn how to work with your photographer and just as importantly, as the photographer, how to work with you. What you like, what you don't like, etc. Secondly, it gives you diversity with the imagery in your home. You don't want every picture to be of you in your dress and tuxedo or shot at the same time of year.



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Senior Portraits With A Fashion Flair


Tired of the same old senior pictures? You know the cheesy ones with the fake backdrops or peeking around a tree? Thomas Doggett wants to create images that are all about you. Photography that screams individuality.

You are a senior. You are your own person. Thomas runs his photo shoots like a fashion shoot. Get ready for killer poses and killer images. One thing is for sure, your friends will be jealous.

If senior photography matters to you and you are looking for something beyond the normal school pictures, check out the portfolio and give Thomas a call to book your senior session today!


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Thomas Doggett is a portrait, wedding and event photographer based in the western suburbs of Chicago.

He holds and Associate of Arts in Photography, Bachelor of Arts in Business and has over thirty years of varied experience behind the camera; including eleven years documenting weddings.

Having raised five teenagers himself, he knows just how important your senior photos are.

Thomas lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his rather large family and their Siberian Husky, Juno.

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