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What's My Approach: 

I’m there to document genuine moments of your wedding as they naturally happen. For the majority of the day I stay very hands off, focusing 100% on the story. You won’t find me asking your friends to stage or recreate moments, but you will find me ready to capture those moments before they even happen.

During portraits, it’s a little different. I give plenty of direction, working to bring creative ideas to make images that are as unique as the people in them. Though I do direct during portraits my intentions are to capture those candid moments in between the poses to give you honest, natural photos.


Do I Need A Shot List:

No, I do not. However, six weeks before the wedding I will reach out to you and ask for a rough wedding day timeline and a list of the family photo groupings that you would like taken. Outside of those I will be telling the story of your day as it occurs.


What Are The Costs For Travel:

Travel costs only apply with locations that require a flight or that are over an hour away from Chicago.  Destination weddings will be customized depending on the specifics of your location, however it’s generally 2 nights hotel and round trip flight out of O'hare or Midway airports.


What's The Deposit:

$500 non refundable deposit to own the date. I have a policy of booking with whoever first submits their contract and pays the retainer for an inquired date.


How Do We Book:

After we’ve talked about which collection works best for your wedding I’ll send along a formal proposal with the contract and payment information.


What Are Your Albums Like:

I’m glad you asked! You can see some samples of my albums at the bottom of this page. One thing I am definitely not is a pushy salesman; So, if an album is something that you're interested in, please be sure to let me know and I'll bring some along when we meet.



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COLLECTION III - $6900: If you want a turn-key option then this includes nearly everything I offer. The second shooter is a great option for larger or more logistically complicated weddings, and I only work with professional photographers that I trust and who’s images are given to me for safe keeping and editing right along with my own. An album is the best way to experience your wedding day with a curated story that will last for generations – in a hand made extremely high quality art piece.

    •    8 hours of wedding day coverage

    •    Printable high resolution digital files

    •    Online Gallery Hosting

    •    Engagement Session

    •    Second Photographer

    •    Signature Series Wedding Album


COLLECTION II - $5200: This is my most popular collection as it includes wedding coverage and an engagement session. Engagement sessions are incredibly helpful to prepare for the wedding day. It’s a chance to unlearn how you’ve previously had your picture taken and get a full sense of what to expect from me and my approach so it’s not even a thought come wedding day.

    •    8 hours of wedding day coverage

    •    Printable high resolution digital files

    •    Online Gallery Hosting

    •    Engagement Session


COLLECTION I - $4500: Perfect for straight forward wedding days. When you only need photography for the wedding day and you want to keep things as simple as possible – this is the way to go!

    •    8 hours of wedding day coverage

    •    Printable high resolution digital files

    •    Online Gallery Hosting


Add On's

ADDITIONAL HOURS: Though 8 hours of coverage is usually the perfect amount for most weddings… sometimes you need more. If you’re planning a particularly eventful day or just don’t want to think about it then this add-on has me there as long as you want.

    •    Add $1200

    •    I’m available as early as you’d like all the way to midnight    

    •    Perfect for very lengthy wedding days when you don’t want to think about the timeline at all.


SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER: Let me start by saying that I photograph most weddings by myself, however sometimes it just makes logistical sense to have a second photographer. I can’t be in two places at the same time and if you want photos of getting ready in two totally different locations, or you want lots of photos during cocktail hour while we’re out taking photos – a second photographer is the best way to go about it.

    •    Add $800

    •    I only use professionals that I trust and who’s style and approach is similar to my own.

    •    All images are given to me for safe keeping and edited fr delivery right along with my own.


WEDDING ALBUMS: Often, the experience of seeing your photos actually printed in a physical/tangible form can be forgotten about. It’s an important factor to consider when you’re thinking about what you truly want out of your wedding photos. Sometimes it’s just a totally different feeling to pull out a wedding album than it is to boot up your computer. To look at ink instead of pixels. To hold the memories of your day in your hands… without any need for an outlet.

    •    Starting at $1200

Every album is created by me with custom designed layouts. You can be as involved or not as you’d like in the whole process so you can have the perfect way to remember your incredible day. My albums come in three sizes and have a classic design that will stand the test of time.