Sam Hurd


EPIC Workshop - Indianapolis, Indiana

Each year I treat myself to at least one workshop put on by a well known photographer. Last week I attended the “Epic Workshop” put on by Washington DC based photographer, Sam Hurd. If you’re not a photographer then you likely have never heard of him. However, if you are in the industry than you would recognize him as a photographer who is currently one of the most popular portrait and wedding photographers in the world. He has shot all around the globe and his client list includes names like George Clooney, President Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin and Denzel Washington to name just a few. But aside from his client list what he is also known for is his non-traditional approach to photography. He travels with a very light camera kit, uses no off camera lighting and is prone to shoot with prisms, broken lenses and reflective objects on a regular basis.

Hurd’s workshops fill fast! So, when I saw that Sam had scheduled a workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana I knew that if I wanted to ever attend his workshop this would have to be it; four hour drive or not. 

I was surprised at just how open Hurd was. He held nothing back showing everything from how he attracts clients, to camera gear, shooting style, editing techniques and just about anything else you could ever want to know. It was a full nine hours of hands on instruction. What I was most impressed about with Sam, was that he was just as amazing as an instructor as he is a photographer. This kid is bright; he could drop right into a high school math class as the teacher and never miss a beat.

Anyway, you’re here for photos not words. The first photo is one that I made during the workshop using my I-Phone as a reflective object. The next series are some images that Hurd made during the workshop and sent out to the group. And the last are some behind the scenes shots. I’m the good looking guy in the black shirt and hat on the left in the last photo…

If you want to see more of Sam Hurd's work visit his website at:

Behind The Scenes